Your media schedules connect your client with everything you're doing to grow their business. Up to this point, getting them schedule information has been a challenge of effective display solutions, content management, and most of all, effective upkeep.

Web Sked's dynamic display solutions offers:

  • The latest in broadcast, print and digital schedule display management 
  • An interface that your clients will enjoy
  • Quicker and easier to use than attaching Office documents.
  • Easy data upload, design integrations with your extranet, and much more!

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Better Info, Easier To Use...

Show your clients only the information they want to see, and put it all in one place.  Web Sked allows you to display Network and Local Broadcast (TV & Radio) all in the same interface.  Your clients will use one drop down box to choose the media they want to see.  Once the data is imported, your clients won't see market numbers or estimate numbers - even local cable sys codes are removed, so your clients only see the network names!


Easy Access From Anywhere 

Simplify your clients' lives, and improve the info you're sending them.  All while reducing the amount of time you spend on the task.


Web Sked lets your agency improve the information flow to your clients, and spend less time doing it.  A new way of displaying your Network and Local Broadcast schedules together in a dynamic, easy to use interface that your clients will love.  Easy to use, revise and most importantly, keep up to date.  Plus, you get to take all the credit. Web Sked is designed to fit within your existing Extranet -  your client's experience with Web Sked dot com is transparent. 

The Web Sked smart query ensures the fastest and most accurate display experience for your clients. As each category is selected, only active items within that category are offered up. No searching through products or markets that are not active. Try it now!

If you have a regional client base (franchisees, distributors, dealers etc) that only wants to see info for their region, that's no problem. Web Sked can accommodate whatever regional framework your agency defines, and even password protect it. For example, your Northeast region clients will ONLY see active schedule data for all their regional markets, in addition to the entire Network schedule information.
Save time!Save Time

Web Sked lets you publish and revise your schedules faster than posting attachments to an extranet, or clunky html interface.

targetImprove Your Info 

Give your clients only the data they need, the way they want to see it.


Test DriveTry the demo

Check out the Web Sked interface for yourself with this sample data!.

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